About the Project

During a six-month stretch of 2019, more than 20 Salt Lake City-based designers each created a new brand (determined via lottery) for one of the city’s neighborhoods — a mix of neighborhoods officially designated, publicly acknowledged, or historically significant. This isn’t a paid project, but rather a creative outlet connecting Salt Lake’s graphic design community with the city we love, and to each other. 

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Branding SLC’s Neighborhoods

Our Neighborhoods

Even many locals may be unaware of the rich history, tiny pockets, and the sheer number of designated neighborhoods in Salt Lake City — places like Swedetown or Euclid. Then, there’s the added controversy over borders. Where exactly does Sugarhouse begin and end? In 2019, we’ll design logos, shirts, and even flags for 20 to 30 neighborhoods and still won’t cover them all.

The Neighborhoods


Neighborhood Branding

On April 10, 2019, we hosted a lottery where participating designers received their neighborhoods to brand. Each designer will create a branding suite with the following items:

Logo-Icon.pngLogo Poster-Sign-Icon.pngPoster or Sign Color-Palette-Icon.pngColor Palette Statement-Icon.pngDesigner Statement Swag-Icon.pngSwag Item Flag-Icon.pngFlag

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