About the Project

The Neighborhood Project is a for-fun (and unpaid) creative outlet for local Utah designers who want to connect to the place where they live, and to each other. While 2019’s debut focused on branding Salt Lake City neighborhoods, the 2020 edition focuses on lives in Corona quarantine — an opportunity to create a piece that represents what you’ve learned in your own neighborhood.

Branding SLC’s Neighborhoods


For 2020, we invite designers to derive inspiration from observations made about your neighborhood surroundings — the new dog-walking route, newly discovered bike paths, painted rock gardens, sounds you never noticed before, music you’ve discovered, earthquakes you’ve felt, protests and change that are afoot. Unlike last year’s project, this one is open-ended — you pick what “My Neighborhood” means to you and get creative!

We are currently hoping to feature your work during a virtual event in October 2020 as part of Salt Lake Design Week.

Are You In?


Looking back on 2019

On April 10, 2019, we hosted a lottery where participating designers received their neighborhoods to brand. Each designer created a branding suite with the following items:

Logo-Icon.pngLogo Poster-Sign-Icon.pngPoster or Sign Color-Palette-Icon.pngColor Palette Statement-Icon.pngDesigner Statement Swag-Icon.pngSwag Item Flag-Icon.pngFlag

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