St. Mary's

Michael Yount, Y Design

Designer Statement

St. Mary’s is named for the former 400-acre campus on Salt Lake City’s east bench. St. Mary of the Wasatch was built in 1926, demolished in 1972, and housed a high school, convent, and college at various points.


The inspiration for the logo came from the school’s last remaining landmark, a stone tower which once helped form the campus entrance. Today, the tower is incorporated into a modern residence in the heart of the neighborhood. The small cross is a nod both to the neighborhood’s Roman Catholic roots and to the medical influence of today’s residents. St. Mary’s is home to a number of doctors and medical professionals.

Color Palette

The colors are reflective of the stone colors in the tower, the dark red brick of the original school, and the light pinkish-orange hues of the surrounding foothills.


I used a pair of crosses to again represent the religious and medical influences in the neighborhood. The two color blocks are meant to reflect St. Mary’s history as a school and the residential neighborhood of today.


I discovered an iron sign from St. Mary of the Wasatch now housed at Judge Memorial High School and chose a similar condensed sans serif typeface.