Brock Landon

Gubler Park | Dixie Tech

Designer Statement

My name is Brock Landon, and I am a current student at the Dixie Technical College. I have lived here in Southern Utah for nearly 10 years. I have lived in at least three different neighborhoods within the St. George area and one of them I currently live in is right next door to a small park called Gubler Park. I was commissioned by my instructors to develop a logo for any known place for your neighborhood project. Instead of doing my neighborhood I decided to do Gubler Park because it's been a popular place over these last few months for people out of state, and it's basically a part of the neighborhood I live in.

When designing the logo, the colors were heavily based on the scenery of the park from the green grass, to the grayish-red dirt and the orange-red mountains that lay far off in the distance, which were also used in the logo. The shape of the sky mixed with the ground was meant to represent a home plate since the park has a lot to do with baseball, and is very well known for it. As for the typography, I wanted the font to be simple and to look as stretched out, and the color to be bright enough to be seeable when standing in front of the mountains. I am happy to work with the neighborhood project, and I hope to associate with you or more organizations just like you in the near future.