Delaney Stevens

My Neck of the Woods | Third Sun

Designer Statement

As it has been for many of us in our own ways, this year has been a personal struggle for me. Through the standard gloom of infectious disease, earthquakes, and landlocked hurricanes, I lost a few family members from reasons unrelated to those previously mentioned. I believe when standing in the midst of chaos, it’s important to find a sense of normalcy.

When everything is closed down, everyone is instructed to stay away from each other, and nothing seems the same, what do you have that brings you joy? Having spent my childhood in the deep woods of Maine, that joy was finding home outside.

Home is Where You Pitch It

This year my house looked like a Poler Outdoor Stuff two-person tent, my neighborhood an ever-changing landscape of deep forests, high deserts, rushing rivers, sheer mountainous cliffs, and everything in between. My neighbors were the native fauna and flora that greeted me in their respective ways. We frequently mention “momentum” in the office, and how it’s important to find ways to keep it going in a year of interruptions. Here’s to finding that momentum, however it be found, whatever it be.

Instagram: @delaneystevs