Jackelyne Mabelle Aguirre

Dixie Downs | Dixie Tech

Designer Statement

Hi, my name is Jackelyne Mabelle Aguirre and I am a graphic designer at Dixie Applied Technical College in Saint George, Utah. I was raised in Page, Arizona for 19 years and have lived in Saint George for almost a year. I live in Dixie Downs where a creek runs through the middle of the city and I fell in love with the trail that runs beside it. After a long day at work and school I like to sit outside on my apartment’s porch and watch the birds come and go, eating and drinking from the bird feed and sugar water I have for them. My favorite bird to watch is a green hummingbird that has a curiosity for me. I’ve watched this bird grow comfortable with me, every time getting a little bit closer, and then fly away in the blink of an eye. I love where I live because there is so much wildlife that calls the creek home and I decided to incorporate the hummingbird and red rock into my design. I hope you enjoy my design as much as I did designing it.