Kirtly Maxfield

Archive 2020

Designer Statement

I lost my sense of self in 2020. Everything had shifted and changed. I didn’t have the same goals and schedule to keep my mind occupied. Would this last forever? Was everyone feeling the same way as me or was I as alone as I felt?

While being stuck indoors was hard, the thought of entering back into the outside world was even harder. As anxious as I felt, I knew that human beings need connection and interaction. 2020 taught me that vulnerability is not a weakness, it allows us to open up and connect with those around us.

The days all blur together when you’re spending every second of your life inside the same 800 square feet. I had to keep reminding myself to just take things one day at a time or else I would go crazy.

I wanted to remember how this year made me feel. How it broke me down and built me back up again. How it helped me shift my focus onto the relationships that truly mattered. I started collecting small artifacts to share with my friends and family, and to keep as mementos of period of growth.

2020 gave me a new appreciation for the little things. From phone calls with my grandma, to lilac cutting with a friend. I was forced to redefine my priorities, meet my neighbors, and make new friends. Because of the hardships of 2020, I have a greater understanding of the community around me.

2020 taught me that a neighborhood is not defined by a physical place, but rather the connections you make within it. 

2020 taught us to love our neighbors better.

It helped us focus on what’s truly important — the connections and relationships we have with each other. 

The theme of the year is together.

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