Morgan Gray

Winchester Hills | Dixie Tech

Designer Statement

I wanted to design a logo that embodies the area that is Winchester Hills in St.George, Utah. Winchester Hills is located just across the road from beautiful Snow Canyon State Park and surrounding the area is beautiful red rock mountains. I've lived next to Winchester Hills for 2 years now and there's no better place to watch a sunset in Southern Utah than in Winchester; hence the sunset I have placed in the logo. As you go deeper into Winchester you learn that not just the sunsets are beautiful but the people living there are too. The majority of the people who live in this area are animal lovers, farmers, cowgirls, and cowboys. On the weekends they pack up their horses and go compete in rodeos; which gives them a chance to show people how they live everyday; from cattle herding to barrel racing; it's not just a competition it's a profession. I placed the cowboys riding their horses in the logo to highlight the lives of the many ranchers in Winchester. This beautiful neighborhood was put together in 1980 for people who wanted land for their animals and I wanted to let that date be known through this logo. All of this comes together to say that, there's really no place like home then in Winchester Hills.