Rachel Garner

Little Valley | Dixie Tech

Designer Statement

I am a student of the Digital Design program at Dixie Tech. I am an artist with a list of goals and interests longer than this page. I currently focus my artistic endeavors on digital designs, food photography, printmaking and sewing. I am deeply inspired by nature. My art in whatever medium I am using that day reflects the almost entirely outdoor life I live.

This project is called Little Valley because Little Valley is the “neighborhood” or area in which I live. Little Valley is a fast growing community and could probably now be divided into a few neighborhoods. As with most neighborhoods I am sure the “boundaries” are arguable. But the place where I live is the OG Little Valley. Once humble farmland, now developed with parks, walking trails, houses and soccer fields. There is a mix of rural living and booming building going on.

Natural, clean, healthy, outdoor living. It’s something you just sort of inherit from living in this neighborhood. I chose to spring my ideas for the neighborhood brand “Little Valley” off of these ways of life. One can’t live here and not want to just get out. It’s probably the biggest bragging right this neighborhood has — the weather. It begs to be enjoyed, There are parks nearby, walking trails weaved through, airplanes leaving the airport daily, and often the sky is decorated with hot air balloons.

I tried to capture some of the fun, energetic and healthy living styles in my brand. If you live here and you saw this brand you would probably understand it without a bit of explanation. If you didn’t live here and you saw this brand … hopefully it inspires you and kinda makes you want to be our neighbor or go for a bike ride. Our neighborhood is active and enjoying the outdoors frequently … but during covid-19 it seemed to be our medicine around here. People hiking, running, walking, bike riding, playing soccer, gardening, and just soaking up the sunshine.

For my presentation of the “Little Valley” brand I am sending you a branding package, some stickers, flags and swag. The style of my developing brand is a modern simplistic look. The colors for my brand are 100% inspired by the colors I see when I walk in the mornings. If you stare off at the rugged cliffs, you see layers and layers of beautiful soft colors. The view in every direction from my neighborhood is inspiring, and the healthy way of life creates a happy “little valley”.