Xandy Field

Bloomington | Dixie Tech

Designer Statement

My name is Xandy Field, and Utah has been my home for the majority of my life. I grew up around Bloomington, the neighborhood I have designed for, and currently live there. I made a logo that I feel encompasses the tranquility and importance of the small subdivision. The simplicity of the neighborhood is what makes it so important. Most kids in St. George have had the opportunity to play games on the Bloomington baseball fields, played in the Virgin River, or have visited friends and family in one of the most recognizable communities in St. George. I made a logo that I feel showcases the fun this neighborhood can bring, while also keeping the ideals of its comforting aura alive.

Each element of the logo picks a small yet important feature of the neighborhood and puts it on full display. These include the Bloomington golf course, the Virgin River, the baseball fields, and the gorgeous background of red rocks everywhere you look. Each piece was inspired by all the elements I see day to day living in this suburban paradise.

Thank you to the Neighborhood Project for giving me the opportunity to make a logo that represents something within my life personally.