Won’t You Be in [My] Neighborhood Project?

Calling all local Utah graphic designers to participate in [My] Neighborhood Project 2020! So we can plan and follow-up with you about deadlines and details, please provide your name, email, phone, and current location.

This year, we invite designers to derive inspiration from observations made about your neighborhood surroundings — the new dog-walking route, newly discovered bike paths, painted rock gardens, sounds you never noticed before, music you’ve discovered, earthquakes you’ve felt, protests and change that are afoot. Unlike last year’s project, this one is open-ended — you pick what “My Neighborhood” means to you and get creative! We will feature your work during a virtual event in October 2020 as part of Salt Lake Design Week.

By submitting your info, you are committing to be part of this community design project and sharing your work with fellow designers and the public. 

Deadline for submissions: September 15, 2020

Design Debut: October 2020

Required items:

  • Title of your work
  • Designer statement
  • Your presentation — design at least two items around your theme or location. Items can include, but aren’t limited to: logo or brand, poster, postcard, flag, stamp, swag item, package, or sign

Submit Your Interest Now